Patrolling For Fraud: Identifying Insurance Fraud Monsters

Identify common insurance fraud schemes associated with motor vehicle accidents!

There are three main parties when it comes to insurance fraud, especially involving motor vehicle accidents. Single individuals, organized criminal gangs, and industry professionals such as medical and legal professionals that help fuel insurance fraud.

In this quick action course, we discuss the parties, schemes and on scene questions to ask when dealing with insurance fraud involving motor vehicle accidents. This course covers questions that Law Enforcement can and should ask when called on scene to a motor vehicle loss. Law Enforcement is in a unique situation to capture on scene information that can help slay insurance fraud monsters whether they are single individual actors (goblins), organized crime rings (orcs) or opportunistic professionals in collusion with organized crime rings (trolls).

Lastly, this course shows the connection between insurance fraud and other crimes and provides a resource that Law Enforcement and Special Investigations Units can use to calculate the cost of drug diversion associated with motor vehicle accidents.

Your Instructor

Aaron Denbo
Aaron Denbo

Aaron Denbo is a seasoned instructor, interviewer, and investigator who focuses on applying innovative and effective techniques to the investigative process. Mr. Denbo is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Forensic Interviewer with investigative specializations in Healthcare Fraud, Organized Crime, Interviewing, and S/OSINT. He earned a Masters degrees in Religion and a Master of Applied Science in Security Management with a subject matter focus on Organizational Security.

He also holds advanced certificates in Forensic Linguistics and a certificate in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. His investigative background includes fraud investigation in Higher Education entitlement programs, Healthcare Fraud, and Insurance fraud. He is currently a fraud investigator on the west coast of the US and Special Investigations instructor at the Braven Academy.

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  Patrolling For Fraud: Identifying Insurance Fraud Monsters
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